We’re more than just a gym; we are local at heart, building a strong sense of community within our amazing neighbourhoods. Lifelong friendships, relationships and business partnerships have been made right here at Guts and Glory. We hike, we surf, we cycle, but we also like to drink; like they say, everything in moderation makes for a happy life.


Our coaches aren’t cheerleaders taking cues from tv screens. They personally program every class, so you get the benefits of individual style and variety.

We guarantee you will never do the same workout twice
Whatever your fitness level, be part of something more than just a Gym
You won't regret it



Joe O'Gorman

Coach and Owner

With 20+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Joe began his career in 1999. He trained and worked for the prestigious flagship Holmes Place Health Club on the Fulham road while studying for his diploma and then BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Science and Fitness evaluation. Along with a few others in the early ’00s, Joe then became one of the original park personal trainers based around Chelsea, Battersea, Wandsworth Common, Mayfair, Fulham, Clapham, and Kensington. Obviously, since then, the industry has exploded and rightly so.

As a keen sportsman playing to a high level in Rugby and then in his later 20s amateur league football, Joe has always enjoyed and been interested in exercise. He has helped people with many various fitness goals, including injury recovery and prevention, weight loss, weight gain, lifestyle changes, and general fitness.

Since opening up Guts 5 years ago, Coaching, Group Training, and Programming have been Joe’s passion. He still has the same enthusiasm as he did 20 years ago, and over this time, he has been lucky and privileged to work with so many wonderful clients whom he now considers friends, many of them for decades. Everyone has the guts to achieve their own personal glory; sometimes, they just need a guide.

Joe is a fully insured member of the National Register of Personal Trainers and a qualified British Olympic Weightlifting coach.

Mark Gemmel

Mark’s passion for all things fitness started at an early age; growing up in a very Rugby-centric household, he was naturally running around playing all sports and throwing himself into anything competitive.

As he grew up, Rugby became more professional, and Mark represented Yorkshire at age-grade level while playing in the National Leagues for Otley. Alongside Otley, he was dual registered with Leeds Carnegie, who featured in the Premiership.

Having hung up his boots, Mark’s main focus has since shifted towards building his portfolio as a fitness professional, Personal Trainer, and Coach. He is a huge believer in ‘lowering the barrier to entry’ to exercise and fitness, as it has given him so much, and he aims to provide as much of a gateway to as many people as possible.

Mark’s style of coaching very much gravitates to hopefully leaving clients feeling ‘Trained’, not ‘Drained’. He believes that everyone has the potential to be the best everyday athlete they possibly can be, unlocking new skills, forging friendships, and challenging themselves physically and mentally, all components of what makes exercise and fitness so special.


Scarlett Markham

Throughout her life, Scarlett has always participated in sports, from playing competitive hockey and rugby to competing in triathlons. However, she found that the gym, strength training, and weights soon became her passion and number one hobby. This passion later led her to competitive powerlifting, and as part of a team, they won the British championships in 2018. Since then, Scarlett has trained and experimented with many other forms of training, finding a love for CrossFit and functional fitness.

Scarlett coaches because she wants people to enjoy moving and challenging their bodies, pushing themselves physically and mentally to achieve their best while enjoying the rewards that come with this.

Every class led by Scarlett will be fun, challenging, and rewarding, leaving participants with a high on endorphins!

Pandora Porter

Working in London as a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor since 2016, Pandora has had extensive experience teaching a variety of classes, on top of running her own successful PT business.

Pandora was never the fit kid at school – instead, she always used to try and skip PE. Once she discovered the kind of training she enjoyed, it built her strength and confidence – and now she wants to help others also reach their fitness goals. Whether you’re coming to a group class or working 1-2-1 with her, Pandora will always focus on education, good technique, and trying to make your session the best part of your day.


Brenda Bivaud

Brenda fell in love with Yoga 4 years ago in the UK after moving from France for a work opportunity. She discovered it in Farnham, where she met a beautiful local community. She followed Julie Montagu’s 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training course.

Brenda truly believes that Yoga has many powers. Among them, Yoga helps with flexibility and strength, but it also brings people together, helps people manage their stress better, and increases their self-care and self-love. Brenda’s goal is for her students to leave the class feeling stronger and more in love with themselves.

Brenda’s classes are dynamic, fun – and there is always room for some play time, suitable for beginner and advanced.


Suzanne is a registered Physiotherapist and certified Pilates Instructor who has enjoyed participating in and teaching Pilates classes for over 10 years.

She has taught Mat Pilates in a one-to-one setting as well as group classes and is trained in
Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. She enjoys incorporating aspects of her physiotherapy background into her Pilates classes, allowing clients to focus on improving their body awareness, core strength, breathing patterns and stress alleviation, as well as helping them to feel physically stronger and more flexible whilst enjoying the fun of the exercise!



Liz (BSc Sport Science), is an experienced PT and coach, with over a decade experience teaching al ages and backgrounds. She competed and coached CrossFit at a national level in South Africa from 2011-2018, before arriving back in the UK, to continue pursuing this rewarding career helping people with their wellbeing and confidence! She trained as a yoga teacher in 2019 in Bali, and also offers massage to corporates, individuals, and the occasional rugby team (Springboks this year!!). Find her to chat to her about anything gymnastics, lifting, and nature walks. Liz is also a survival instructor, and loves to take people hiking and to teach shelter and fire building 😀
Dont mind her occasional serious face.. she loves you really!


Having grown up playing a wide variety of spots and eventually focussing on badminton and rugby (playing in National Leagues back home in Scotland before moving South), Calum has spent the majority of his life being active. 

Although starting in the gym as part of rugby training, his passion for a healthy lifestyle has resulted in a transition from strictly weight lifting to a more rounded functional fitness focus. Something he would like to apply to his coaching. 

He has recently qualified as a As a Level 3 Personal Trainer Calum aims for you to leave each session having enjoyed it, worked hard and learnt something new 

Believing that the gym is a place for everyone of all abilities, it is his goal to ensure that it is an enjoyable experience for all.



As much as we want to be a successful, effective gym, what’s paramount is building a community for people of every fitness level. 

A place to come and meet/make friends and enjoy achieving your exercise goals together.