North Devon Bootcamp

Sea, surf and sun…. well, not that much sun. This is the UK, after all! So we changed the sun for a run, which at least rhymes. Our first and definitely not our last bootcamp in North Devon, where plenty of fresh air, hearty meals, drinks and long walks were had.

Three Peaks Challenge

Sore feet wobblily legs but what a beautiful climb up and down up and down the national three peaks in 24 hours what a challenge. Thank you to those who took part and those that donated we raised £10,000 this goes to our local charity Katherine Low Settlement who are delighted who put it towards...

Over 65s community class

Keeping fit in older age shouldn’t be a privilege it should be easily accessible that’s why we offer a free over 65’s class in Battersea and will be looking to do the same in Fulham once we’re up and running. Keep those muscles strong later in life and life is that little bit easier.